less than twelve hours… sigh

sorry for the lack of updates recently, but i was tied down by my final presentation’s preparation… sigh two hours of sleep a day really didn’t help much… =( but at last, now i can sitting here, writing this because i am now in queue for plotting my drawing. in about an hour or less i must be going downstair and plot the last 6 pages of my drawing and that’s make 12 pages total… not much but that the near best i could do. (if somebody out there know how to do the very best of you, please… please… please tell me.

what else should i writing here now… hmm… i can only said that i am very tired and this is not over yet. today at 12 noon sharp all my drawing will be collected then in two days i must give the model of my drawing and the short description about my design and after that in the next four days… the judgement day!! just to think of it make me really nervous… =(

okay, until then.. just wish me a great luck because i believe that i really need that… adios