christmas carnage…

i am an indonesian citizen, live in indonesia on two big cities: jakarta and bandung.

for those who stay tuned at the world news must know why i told you this fact…

yes, it’s been a christmas carnage here in indonesia… =(

read this horrible news at cnn, channelnews asia and satunet (indonesian language).

i am not a christian or catholic myself, but this is not a matter of religious only… it’s a matter of humanity, human rights and solidarity. and i hate this thing happened in my beloved nation! for those who happened to be unfortunate enough to experience the bombing, you have my deepest gratitude and symphaty… i wish i could do something about this… but now i only can pray and hope for the best to our nation.

may God save and bless us all… amen.

on the lighter side of life… my gosh.. is this what happened to my previous love life?