this post will close one of the most suckiest day in my life (until now…) and i hope this kind of day will never ever happen to me again, please… =(

i feel terrible all day, it feels like i can’t get my ex-girlfriend out of my mind… imagining she with her new boyfriend made me miserable, mad, chaotic, angry and of course idiotic… she kept bugging my head… and to make thing worse, i believe that she didn’t even care about what i felt, yeah… she’s that kind of girl, not her fault tho, it just her style… sigh

and for those who thought that i was blaming this all to my ex-girlfriend, please don’t misunderstanding me. i was just saying what i felt, she had nothing to do with it, she just live with her own world (which is regretfully without me as one of the important part) so if you think that i am mad with her, no… i am not, i am just mad at myself for being stupid, idiot and moron enough that made me could not accept the fact that we were not together anymore, that’s all.

well, after all i have to live with it right? so i wish i can wake up tomorrow with cleaner mind and start to see this world from the whole new perspective.

so, today i went to jaya plaza to buy a new ink cartridge for my printer then my eyes bumped into a new playstation cd… well, maybe not that new, but at least new for me… danger girl!!! my all time favorites, aw… i love valerie… he he he… well, maybe this day was not that suck after all…

i have to get her out of my mind… i have to.. so i went home and play this new game… ha ha ha, beat ya!!!

that’s it for today, i think i will survive again… i have to, i’ve been through three marriage of three girls i once cared and loved (and still do, i think i am too idiotic romantic… sigh)… so, until the sky falls down on me… i have to survive… repeat after me loud: i have to survive!!!

bye for now!!! wish me luck okay?