i need some help with this place… i know i can do it myself if i had more time, but with the close incoming of my final presentation (i know, i know, i should not update this website too if i am that concern of it, but hey… i have a little free time and whoooz it just happened!). i need a php script… yep, i asked for a php script… =(

i need a script that works this way:

  1. a *.php page (i will name it page(a)) with form(b) and a line “include(‘file©’)”

  2. an user fill the form(b).

  3. when that user press ‘submit’ button the content of the form is written to file©

  4. page(a) refresh and parsing the file©.

file© must be a text file or, better, an html file so i can customize it on page(a) with cascading style sheet.

ok, for those php warrior out there i know this is a piece of cake… please, lend me your time and i promise when i am free of this final presentation nightmare i will do something for you. oh, i forgot to mention it.. i will put your name as the maker of the script of course, don’t worry… i always recognize a credit to someone who deserve it.

thanks in advance… and again, please help me… =)