what a day…

first, i started the day by bumping my wheel with another car’s bumper…. =(

well, it not much of a damage, but still, it will cost me quite a money, right?

but, the rest of the day seems okay… spend the afternoon with someone that i really care and love watching movies at my house.

well, i only could say… it was a great time being with her.

then, after i drove her home… at about 6.30 pm i went straight home because tomorrow i will have another plan and date with her.


at night, i had a phone call and i must leave the house… so i call her to tell her that i have to go.

guess what… yeah right, she’s at the parking lot and want to went somewhere with somebody else and that somebody else’s family…

uh…uh… should i mad? at 10.00 pm, she was ready to went out with someone’s family… i don’t think i should mad, right? after all she was a grown up? but, i was mad… and i just don’t know why?

hmm… was i right to went mad? or i mad because i know i was mad of something that i should not make me mad? (if this sentence confuse you, read again slowly…)

i just don’t know… i just don’t know…