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Internet Access Policy in the Office (Part 1)

Getting connected is becoming a crucial part in the business field. So naturally, an office must has an internet connection. It is just the way to compete in this information age. For office’s management this could opened a can of … Continue reading

08. October 2007 by avianto
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Spamified Commentified

Since I started blogging again a couple of days ago, this blog was under spam attack very heavily. I tried many setting of the default spam protection and somehow it wasn’t stopping the incoming flood of spam. Sometime I set … Continue reading

11. September 2007 by avianto
Categories: News, WebDev | 3 comments

Creating Game

Notes: This entry is a summary of my ‘Visual Gaming’ and ‘Game Design and Development’ introduction session. As a part of education process, this one is a Fair use as it may contain a few citation from other books or … Continue reading

06. September 2007 by avianto
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It is 2000 all over again

This year I become one of the honorary judge for Bubu Awards v.04. Again. Remember 2003? Two years has been passing and to no one surprise, nothing actually change or improve with most of the participants. I know that two … Continue reading

08. July 2005 by avianto
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A quick recap for the lack of updates

Thesis defence I will have my defence on June 17th, 2005. So my thesis should be printed, bound and delivered around early June. That means around two weeks from now. Yikes. Kompas issue It seems that this particular issue created … Continue reading

15. May 2005 by avianto
Categories: Academia, Just Amusing, Tech Talks | 7 comments

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