it's (nearly) over…

3 weeks of lack of sleep watching news… at last the war is nearly over. again, american empire prove that it always unbeatable… saddam’s out, the people of iraq celebrate his downfall with the coalition troops and the new government will be installed soon.

well, i guess the question about weapon of mass destruction is not a relevant question right now. after all, the history was written by the winner…

and we always told that history never lies…

09. April 2003 by avianto
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  1. mas boy.. camera yg digunakan di photolog itu spec-nya apa yaa.??

    makasih :)

  2. aku juga lega perang akhirnya selesai … kebalikan dari kamu aku ngak mau denger berita tentang perang … tak tahan dengar korban2 yang berjatuhan